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Plants Elementary Science



Links verified 3/23/2019

  1. 4-H Children's Garden Tour
  2. 13 Essential Tips for Conserving Water In Your Garden - from the Daily Gardener
  3. Backyard Plants - great collection of resources
  4. Biology of Plants - Plants are alive, just like people and animals! Learn about them here!
  5. Biomes of the World - from Missouri Botanical Garden; Desert | Grasslands | Rainforest | Taiga | Temperate | Tundra
  6. Biomes - Rainforest for Kids - many links with information about the rain forest.
  7. Changing Color - Find out how leaves change color!
  8. Dig In - school garden success stories from Parents magazine online
  9. Elementary School Garden - a garden of learning
  10. Elementary School Gardens - simple guidelines and suggestions to help make a gardening project manageable and rewarding 
  11. Flower Anatomy - the parts of a flower
  12. Fun Botanical Science Fair Projects - Check out some fun and easy projects you can do with plants. grades 3 and up
  13. Fun Facts about Fungi - Read about giant puffballs, truffles, fungal "shotguns," and "fairy rings," and try your hand at the mushroom hunt, the picture slide game, and a mold-growing experiment.
  14. Fun Project Ideas - some great ideas for fun activities to do with plants
  15. The Great Plant Escape - Detective LePlant needs your help to solve the mystery of plant life! Designed for grades 4 and 5. This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data
  16. Kid's Valley Garden - how to grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, and other plants
  17. Microorganisms - interactive BBC site, instructions can be read to the students by the site This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data This resource includes voice instructions for students
  18. Nutrition in the Garden - a fun way to teach children about nutrition: through gardening.
  19. Our Rainforests Are In Peril - what needs to be done
  20. Plant Life Cycles - this BBC site allows students to interact with the lesson This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data
  21. Plant Parts - Match the drawing with the name and build a salad This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data
  22. Plant Parts - Each part of a plant has a very important function
  23. Plant Parts - What plants need to grow
  24. Plants and our Environment - ThinkQuest winner 
  25. Plants for Kids - lots of links
  26. Plants of Hawaii - A collection of 6000+ copyright-free high-resolution images
  27. Save Trees - Asian longhorned beetle threatens to change landscapes. Once trees are infested, there is no cure. There is something you can do to help. Download communication tools to raise awareness about the beetle 
  28. School Gardens - farm to school
  29. School Gardens - integrating horticulture into the elementary school curriculum
  30. Starting a School Garden - a step-by-step guide
  31. Using Anatomy and Habitat to Identify a Tree - to help students with identifying a tree and the types of common tree species that exist in the United States
  32. Youth Resources - Farming and Agriculture activities and games. 
  33. Why Do Plants Have Flowers? - Flowers are the tools that plants use to make their seeds.[
  34. Why Gardening is Great for Children - Here are eleven very good reasons why gardening is great for your children.
  35. More plant information can be found on the Biology page of Internet4Classrooms.

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